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OhSoBright 5kg Laundry washing paste

OhSoBright 5kg Laundry washing paste

R 179.00 R 210.00

Concentrated detergent paste in a 5kg bucket

Fantastic product to remove the toughest stains. It is ideal for white clothes and does not bleach color fabrics.You require no fabric conditioner after using the paste. It is soft on the hand and has a long lasting lemon fragrance.

Use one 20g per 3-4 kg load. Can be used for hand and machine wash (top loader)

Great value specially for bulk users. 1kg of laundry paste = 2.5 kg of powder. This 5 kg bucket is then equal to 12kg of normal detergent paste.

It is a very economical format used by many laundromats to wash linen and other laundry item in bulk. Extremely cost effective per wash in order to reduce expenses in a laundromat without compromising quality.

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