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OhSoBright 20g Laundry Detergent Washing paste sachet (strip of 10)

R 18.00 R 25.00

Concentrated detergent paste in 20g sachet

Fantastic product to remove the toughest stains. It is ideal as a stain remover - just wet the stain with water, open one 20g sachet, rub it into the wet stain, wait for  20 minutes and them wash it. For very stubborn stain leave it for a few hours and then wash it. It is ideal for white clothes and does not bleach color fabrics.You require no fabric conditioner after using the paste. It is soft on the hand and has a long lasting lemon fragrance.

Use one 20g per 3-4 kg load. Can be used for hand and machine wash (top loader)

A box of 200 - 20g OhSoBright 1load sachets. The  box contains 20 strips each with 10 sachets of 20g laundry paste. The 20g sachet is ideal for a single wash. 

This unit can sell for R2-3 in a small shop and is just enough for a single load of washing (3-4kg)  It is  ideal for spaza stores or small shops!

It is also ideal for controlled dosage in B&B and laundromats

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