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OhSoBright 5l Taxi Shampoo

OhSoBright 5l Taxi Shampoo

R 119.00 R 139.00
OhSoBright taxi and car shampoo is concentrated shampoo with a great fresh fragrance. It has great foaming properties and easily cleans of daily grime and dirt from your car. Add  50ml of shampoo to a 5 liter bucket of water and stir to make a great foam.  Wet the car surface with water - use a sponge  and simply dip it into the shampoo solution, and wash away the grime and dirt. Rinse the car surface after wash and dry if required. The shampoo leave the surface clean and shining. The shampoo has been formulated to care for the paint surface. The shampoo comes in a handy hand hold and a 5l pack.



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