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OhSoBright antibacterial dish washing paste

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New "Dirty Jobs" antibacterial dishwashing paste has been formulated to tackle the toughest jobs in and around your kitchen. It easily cleans that black burnt-on pot or grid. Use it to clean your “Potjie” or “Braai” grid. You can even use a single blob to wash your dishes. It is super concentrated so you only need a very small amount to do the dishes - a perfect end to your culinary entertainment!!

OhSoBright antibacterial dish-washing paste is a concentrated semi-solid surfactant paste. It has a powerful grease-stripping formula that eliminates dirt and tough grease from your plates, pots and pans. The added mild abrasives provides superior cleaning power for those “dirty jobs”, cleaning faster with little effort. The formula contains a special agent that effectively removes grease and makes the oily surfaces disappear.
You swipe a bit up on your sponge, just “one blob” is enough, to clean a sink full of greasy dishes. The paste format is extremely effective and long lasting. The pouch take up little space on your counter, and contains less plastic than traditional dish-washing liquid bottles. Wash rinse and see the shine.

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