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OhSoBright 1kg Laundry Detergent Washing paste

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OhSoBright 3in1, 1kg bucket, stain removing, high foam,concentrated laundry detergent paste

Oh So Bright is a new 3in1 Concentrated Laundry detergent washing Paste. Wash for wash it is more cost effective than powder while delivering benefits that cannot be achieved with detergent powder.

It delivers the following benefits:

  • Very economical - being concentrated the user uses less - 20g (1 tablespoon) per 3kg load of washing 
  • 1kg = 2.5kg of powder. Enough for 50 loads of washing.
  • Excellent stain removal performance. Best for white clothes and linen. Suitable for all kinds of clothes.
  • It has a fantastic lasting lemon fragrance, laundry retains the smell better than with washing powder.
  • Softens while washing so no need for fabric conditioner.
  • Deliver high foam in hand wash and requires less scrubbing during hand-wash.
  • Perfect for machine wash (top loaders). 
  • Ideal for the first wash (white clothes)
  • Works well in hard water (borehole water) 
  • Soft on the hands 
  • Saves water as it requires less water to rinse laundry than normal washing powder.
  • Big packs come in re-usable containers that has less impact on the environment.

OhSoBright Laundry paste is ideal for  customers that have a top-loader or do a lot of hand-washing. The product is better, more effective and versatile for users by delivering a concentrated high quality formula for everyday laundry.


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